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Nuevo Diario Newspaper Jan 24th, 2007

"In a telephone conversation held with the mother of the girl raped and murdered in San Juan del Sur, and with a Legal Aid official who participated in the investigation, detailing how the United States embassy hampered investigations, to prohibit the main accused of the crime, Erick Stanley Volz, who confessed how they had killed his girlfriend Doris Ivania Jimenez.
That conversation was recorded and is held by Nuevo Diario, and for obvious reasons we prefer to omit for the moment the name of the investigator Legal Aid of Managua, as he is intended to be one of the witnesses.
In conversation, Ms. Mercedes Alvarado, the mother of Doris and the investigator, she asked him why they had not added on the record the statements given on 24 November Volz, "in which he had confessed everything, how they had killed my daughter , but that does not come out here now in the record"
According to the recording, the response that the expert gave police is: "Look, he said he could say everything, past and how he could help us, but then refused to sign his statement and said no, that he, the Ambassador told him to say nothing," was the response of the police officer.
The conversation also suggests that Volz is being investigated in another case, as a result of the crime there was apparently detected three false passports, and in the chat Doña Mercedes asks the expert why they have not made those other evidence.
When consulted on this conversation, Dona Mercedes indicated that there really is a document that has the statement of Volz, which "confesses how he murdered my daughter, but everything was verbal and he refused to sign the paper, and, yes, said that was under orders from the American Embassy. "
It should be noted that as they approached the days of the trial of this case there came to light explosive revelations, as received in the cells Preventive Police Rivas, Ramon (sic) Danglas, who at first was arrested as a suspect along with Julio Cesar Lopez and Volz, but in the cells, Danglas began to blame the gringo, with which he had fallen prisoner, and that caused him to fall to Lopez (Chamorro) blows, so he had to be moved from cell.
Moreover, Mrs. Mercedes rejected the statements made to Nuevo Diario by Maggie Anthony, mother of Volz.
The declaration said that the initial hearing at the end of this process, Ms. Mercedes Alvarado hugged Volz and told the hearing that he was innocent.
But according to Dona Mercedes that is totally false and ridiculous, it was he (Volz) who by orders from his lawyer, Ramon Rojas, came to embrace me and tell me that he was not the perpetrator against my daughter, and out of respect for the Consul of the American Embassy and those present, I left him not go his way, but I wasn't lacking desire to hit him, but what would I gain? "
In the final detail she is not withdrawing the complaint because what she wants is justice "and that the chief perpetrator of the crime pay for what he did, and tell Mrs. Anthony that it is she who is uninformed....
When consulted about the existence of a recording held by Doña Mercedes Alvarado, and that she provided to Nuevo Diario, in which a police officer said by telephone that the embassy of the United States obstructed the investigation, said: "I can not say because I do not know. "
We also consulted the Press aggregate of the United States Embassy in Managua, Kristin Stewart, who assured that it was difficult to comment on the recording, and at the same time sought a replica of the same order to provide a criterion.
"In this kind of case what we do is gather information and follow up," added Stewart.
For his part, Judge Rafael Solis, vice president of the Supreme Court, reported that the commission appointed to investigate the actions of Judge Edward Peter Palma - consisting of Judges Edward Navas and Marvin Aguilar - decided to advance inspection in the case file for this Tuesday.

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